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Name & Title of the Act Right to Information Act. 2005 ( English)
Right to Information Act. 2005 ( Hindi)
Objective/purpose of the Act To provide available information of the Institute as enshrined in RTI ACT to the Indian citizen on payment of prescribed fees.
Users Citizens of India.
Dr. Arun Kumar Gupta, Registrar First Appellate Officer
Phone No 7525048031
Email registrar.uprtou@gmail.com
Shri. Sunil Kumar Public Information Officer
Phone No 7525048148
Email registrar.uprtou@gmail.com
Map and Directions
Contact Details
U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University
Shantipuram Awas Yojna(Sector-F),
Phaphamau, Prayagraj - 211013, India