The counseling cell works strictly in accordance to rules and regulations of the university. As the governing body of the university mekes changes time to time the counseling cell incorporates the same in his working.
Step wise working of counseling cell-
  • Step-1  Co-ordinate and regulate the counseling as per the university calendar.
  • Step-2  After counseling the study center had to submit the bill to counseling cell within 03 months of the last counseling held.
  • Step-3  After submition of file to counseling cell within time counseling committee held a meeting in which following point are analysed.
    • Eligibility of counsellors.
    • Counseling sessons and subjects with date.
    • No of counseling classes held
    • No of students enrolled in that sesson.
    • Signature of counsellor.
  • Step-4  After assuring that above mantioned points and finding its validity, the committee approves the payment to be made.
  • Step-5  The cell also allots the counsellor code to the counsellor after verifying their documents.
  • Step-6  The cell approves the file with minutes and send it to registrar office for further disposal. There is a Continuous communication between study centers and counseling cell by the help of on-line portal provided by the Univercity to the study centers. Any changes or new information releted with counseling cell is directly communicated to study center.