UPRTOU OER Repository


User Manual
Guidelines for OER
OER Committee
Process Guidelines for Open Educational Resources (OER) in UPRTOU Repository
Functions of Schools and Administrations Remark
1 Enlist and identify the educational resources to be share as OER through Repository Points
2 Assure the contents format (Text and A/V) and quality as per the University norms Adopt and Finalize the A/V format
3 In coordination with COE for technical, technological support in relation to the format and assigning of CC License.  
4 Add Credit Page to each Resources using CC License as per the OER Policy of the UPRTOU.  
5 Assure the resources (startup/Innovations/Patents/ any other) which are to be share as Non OER by the University.  
6 Advise COE to upload the educational resources to the Repository and provide access to the learners  
7 Share the Repository among the learners for wider access.  
8 Advise LSS to share about the repository appropriately to access the educational materials as OER  
9 Motivate teachers to contribute the educational materials/lecture notes/lecture audio-videos etc. as OER  
Role of Centre for Online Education (COE)
1 Review the received educational resources (as OER) and assist respective schools with technical and technological advice. Remark
2 Prepare a user guideline (manual) for OER repository. Provide access it through university website, Prospectus, repository, etc.  
3 Provide Conceptual materials on OER to Understand OER and its use.  
4 Organize various awareness programmes on OER to build capacity of stakeholder.  
5 Update and trained the stakeholders with latest technology and legitimating by conducting the workshop.  
6 Issue certificates of uploading the contents of the contributors.  
7 Withdraw the uploaded content due to any discrepancy with the approval of respective school.  
8 Use a mechanism to rank and highest contributor of OER and recommend for motivational award for recognition.  
9 It is the responsibility of COE to regularly update & maintain the OER repository.