Download SLM for MAPS
Course Code Title of Paper Download SLM
MAPS-101(NEP) History of Western Political Thought - From Plato to Burke Click Here
MAPS-102(NEP) Ancient Indian Political Thought Click Here
MAPS-103(NEP) Comparative Politics Click Here
MAPS-104(NEP) Public Administration Click Here
MAPS-105(NEP) Research Methodology Click Here
MAPS-106(NEP) History of Western Political Thought - From Bentham to Mao Click Here
MAPS-107(NEP) Indian Government and Politics Click Here
MAPS-108(NEP) Modern Indian Political Thought-I Click Here
MAPS-109(NEP) Theory of International Politics Click Here
MAPS-116(NEP) International Law Click Here
MAPS-118(NEP) Modern Political Thought Click Here