About School of Computer and Information Science
The School of Computer and Information Science was established with a view of Computer Education and make skilled professional in Computer world. The school objective is to demonstrate that an open learning approach to computer education is not only feasible but probably preferable, to increase both accessibility and acceptability of UPRTOU Computer Education Programmes in a coordinated way, ensuring high quality education at a number of levels and to disseminate learning and knowledge through an innovative multiple media teaching learning system. Computer Education programmes developed by the School have succeeded in keeping a balance between courses catering to the development of fundamental concepts, understanding of the principles of computer sciences, and the skills required in response to the needs of the market. To achieve this objective the following programme are running in School of Computer and Information Science, U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad.
School Email Id :- socis@uprtou.ac.in