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central library (yagyavalkya granthalaya)
central library (yagyavalkya granthalaya)
     The University Library was established in 2000 with a meager collection of 279 books. At present, the Library holds collections on different subjects of Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and other developing sciences. Now, it’s collection has reached up to 44387 volumes of books and 92 learned journals besides 5 daily newspapers and 12 other periodicals.

     University Library is serving faculty members, supporting staff, research scholars and more than 50,000 students spread all over U.P. The University Library is the apex body to provide library and information services to its students and other academics. The University Library has opened regional library at Allahabad Regional Centre as its branch library. It is also in planning to establish Regional Library at other regional canters i.e. Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Bareilly and Lucknow with effective, useful and comprehensive collection. Presently, library is situated at Saraswati Campus, UPRTOU, Shantipuram, Sector – F, Phaphamau, Prayagraj in a three story building.