About School of Vocational Studies
School of Vocational studies is a constituent part of the UPRTOU. School has been imparting academic services to enhance skills and knowledge of the society since inception of the University. Skills and knowledge are two very important components of any system which is concerned with bringing boom in economy and social evolution of any nation. Nations equipped with competent skilled and proficient human resources and infrastructures, can address global opportunities and challenges in different spheres promptly. As for as the matter of India is concerned in this regard, it is in transition phase to establish knowledge-based economy to produce multi-dimensional skilled human resource enriched with knowledge domain, capable of grabbing the opportunities and yielding successful outcomes.

Vocational education is an integral part of the education system. It suggests to prepare learners for a specified career consisting both the theoretical as well as practical hands – on training to sharpen their creative intellect. Vocational education coordinates with need of market workforce and designs its curriculum accordingly.
Benefits Of Vocational Education
The concrete features of the persuasion of a vocational program is as followings-
  • Greater opportunities of employments.
  • Interlinked benefits conventional knowledge and vocational skills.
  • Centrally focussed on specified knowledge.
  • Effective and influential as they make learners aware of current trends in the global market.
  • Act as the bridge between the skilled manpower required and available in the market.
  • Programs offered are shorter, less expensive and aimed to cater the needs of the industry.
  • Employee feels self – motivated, content and satisfied with his/her job.
  • Handsome earnings.
  • Good family life.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Upgradation of career.
School Email Id :- sovs@uprtou.ac.in