Download SLM for UGHN
Course Code Title of Paper Download SLM
HNSEC-04 Techniques of Food Preservation Click Here
UGHN-101 Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition Click Here
UGHN-102 Elementary Anatomy and Physiology Click Here
UGHN-103 Fundamentals of Nutritional Biochemistry Click Here
UGHN-105 Elementary Food Microbiology Click Here
UGHN-106 Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition Click Here
UGHN-107 Principles of Food Science and Cooking Click Here
UGHN-109 Diet Therapy Click Here
UGHN-110 Food Analysis Click Here
UGHN-111 Community Nutrition Click Here
UGHN-113 Nutritional Assessment and Surveillance Click Here
UGHN-114 Nutrition and Physical Fitness Click Here
UGHN-115 Food Processing Technology Click Here