Application submitted to UGC-DEB for recognition of programmes for session 2023-24 onwards
Application Filed for appeal.
Year of establishment and Type
1998 (State Open)
Single Mode (ODL)
UGC Status
Section 2(f)
NAAC Grade
2.6 (B+) Valid till 02/01/2028
Statutory Bodies approval under its Act
Provision to offer ODL Programmes
Affidavit submitted is
  • Original
  • In the prescribed format
  • Duly notarized
  • Duly signed
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
Letters for sanctioned post
Ordinance &Statue Provision 3.19(i)
List of Directors and Faculty Members
Built up area is adequate
DPR of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati Campus of UPRTOU
Territorial Jurisdiction
Copy of relevant page of Act
Administrative (non-teaching) staff
Advertiesment Deputy Registrar
Appropriate Designations
Approval of PPR by Statutory bodies
Approval of SLM by Statutory bodies
Regulatory authority approval
Documentary proof of Science programme being offered from the Head Quarters and/or only from such Learner Support Centres which are offering same programme under conventional mode atleast for seven years
FormatApplication for establishing/ retaining Learner Support Centers
Undertaking and List of LSC
Plagiarism report of sample SLMs
Guidelines for development of SLM
Weightage of Continuous Assessment and end semester examination
Appointment Letters
Joining Report