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Download SLM for MCS
Semester Course Code Title of Paper Download SLM
1 MCS-101 Discrete Mathematics Click Here
1 MCS-102 C++ and Object oriented programming Click Here
1 MCS-103 Data Structures Click Here
1 MCS-104 Software Engineering Click Here
2 MCS-106 Computer Organization Click Here
2 MCS-107 Computer Graphics Click Here
2 MCS-108 Data Communication and Computer Networks Click Here
2 MCS-109 Database Management System Click Here
3 MCS-111 Design and Analysis of Algorithm Click Here
3 MCS-112 Java Programming Click Here
3 MCS-113 Theory of Computation Click Here
3 MCS-114 Multimedia Technology Click Here
4 MCS-116 Operating System Click Here
4 MCS-117 Soft Computing
4 MCS-119 Information and Network Security Click Here
4 MCS-120 System Software Click Here
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Phaphamau, Prayagraj - 211013, India