Mission and Vision
The mission of School of Science is to present science as a well-argued and systematic inspection, identification, depiction, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of usual phenomena. Application of these principles in the natural sciences to include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Biochemistry, Computer Science and Statistics will be emphasized. The School of Science is a complete, student-oriented science faculty where research and education are closely related. The School will strain the significance of significant thinking and consistent reasoning using various methods of exploration, such as observation, assessment, experimentation, and mathematical manipulation of data. The School of Science is also dedicated to the notion that science has a matter-of-fact application and has to be understood in a larger intellectual context. It is through investigation that students are able to outlook science as an interdisciplinary study appropriate to society. In addition, the School of Science serves as a resource to the neighboring society and beyond through seminars, conferences, workshops and training programs facilitated by our faculty. The School faculty is dedicated to serving students to become leaders in the service of others, as educators, scientists and in other professions.