Awards or Fellowships received by Faculty members:
Name of Teacher Year Awards or Fellowships
Dr. Shruti 2021 “Award for Teachers with Highest Potential”, Edwin Incorporation, SAMA, Singapore.
2018 “Award for Professor with Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education” in the International Conference on “Higher Education Standards and Trends Towards Multidisciplinary Studies in the World”, 27th - 29th January, 2018, Barabanki, U.P..

“Best Teacher Award”

[“Utkrashtha Shikshak Sammaan” (Utkrashata Sammaan – 2017]. of U. P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University for year 2017.
2015 “Best Research Paper Award” for paper “Population Projection under a Set of Birth Trajectory: Application of Stable Population Theory” in the International Conference on “Multidisciplinary Research for the Achievement of Excellence in Higher Education & Industry”, 26th - 27th October, 2015, Ravindra Bhawan, Goa.