Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education (PGDDE)
Objectives of the Programme:
  • To enable the learners to understand the meaning, scope, objectives of distance education and need of distance education in the present Indian & global society.
  • To develop an understanding in the learners about designing and development of self-learning materials.
  • To acquaint the students with the various modes of learner support services prevailing in the distance education.
  • To orient the learners with the management of distance education.
  • To develop competencies of communication technology for distance education
Admission Procedure Direct & Online Duration In Years Min. 1 Max. 3
Assignment N.A. Medium (Eng./Hindi) English
Fee (in Rs.) Rs. 7200.00 Nature of Prog. Semester
SLM Can Be Download (Click Here) Eligibility Graduation
Programme Outcomes:
After the completion of the programme learner will be able -
PO-1 To understand the growth and philosophy of distance education.
PO-2 To evaluate the system of distance education.
PO-3 To design and develop the Self-learning Materials (SLMs).
PO-4 To analyze the issues of distance education.
PO-5 To explain the Learner Support Services for distance education.
PO-6 To recognize the role of various agencies in distance education.
PO-7 To discuss the management of Distance Education.
PO-8 To use the Communication Technology for Distance Education.
Syllabus of the Programme :- ( Click Here )